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APCO awards

Applications open for 2024 APCO annual awards

Entries are now open for the 2024 Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) annual awards.
coal ash concrete

Green concrete recycling twice the coal ash is built to last

New modelling reveals that low-carbon concrete developed at RMIT University can recycle double the amount of coal ash compared to current standards, …
emissions reduction

Veolia, ResourceCo partnership delivers emissions reduction for SA economy

Veolia, ResourceCo partnership has signed a new contract with Adbri Cement to transport refuse derived fuel (RDF) it manufactures for use in cement kilns at its Birkenhead plant. RDF is a lower overall emissions substitute for natural gas and coal that has already seen an eight per cent reduction in Adbri’s emissions from 2022 to …
cigarette butt waste

South Australia proposes to take further action on cigarette waste

South Australian Greens MP Robert Simms has introduced a new motion to the State Parliament to take further action on …

Skala offers hands-on experience for clients

Craig Cosgrove and Simon Toal founded Skala Environmental, a dedicated business unit of Skala Australasia, in October 2023 in order …

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North Queensland councils commit to upgrade waste management

Ten North Queensland Councils have developed a regional waste and resource recovery management plan which will guide service delivery and investment in the years ahead. Queensland north-west is home to around 30,000 people across 380,000 square kilometres or around 20% of Queensland’s landmass. The ten participating councils are Burke, Carpentaria, Cloncurry, Croydon, Etheridge, Flinders, McKinlay, …
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Wasted Space: pork barrel politics by any other name

Solutions, solutions, solutions. That never-ending quest to find an answer to questions that come up constantly in the resource recovery space. Why do people still dump asbestos when they know the irreparable damage it can do to the environment and people? Why don’t the states and territories have a little parley and ensure everybody is …
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ATRA: OTRs still an issue for tyre industry

Robert Kelman wears a few hats in the waste and resource recovery space, and one of them is the executive officer of the Australian Tyre Recyclers’ Association (ATRA). According to its website, the association was “established to represent the interests of the legitimate and sustainable used tyre collection and recycling sector in Australia”. ATRA members …

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awre summit

AWRE Summit gets serious

Inside Construction Expo

Product Stewardship Regulation in Australia webinar



EPA get budget money to chase illegal dumpers

The Victorian state government will boost the metropolitan industrial and municipal waste levy to $167.9 a tonne from 1 July …

Plastics just the tip of the iceberg

This year really has started with a bang (and not exactly a good one). I moved from discussing the risks …
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UniSort Black creates pure product for processing facility operators

In Australia, demand for advanced sorting technologies in the green waste compost industry is on the rise. Guidelines, such as …
AORA, Asbestos, Opinion

AORA supports action for asbestos issues

The Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA) understands the concerns about the recent incidents surrounding the detection of asbestos in mulch …
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APCO – sending old logo stock to landfill not an option

In response to an recently published article on the Inside Waste portal attributed to the Boomerang Alliance, Sarah Sannen, head of operations, the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) talks about the entity’s stance on the use of the Australasian Recycling Label. “The ACCC has granted a period of two years for brand owners to transition …