WORKSITE WHEELS: Hirer trials hybrid

Sargent says it purchased the Hino 714 Hybrid in response to growing demand from its customers for products with reduced environmental impact. “Although the Hino Hybrid is still new within our fleet, we have received positive feedback from customers,” managing director Mary Ann Strelow said.“Sargent continues to actively pursue opportunities to reduce emissions and, in general, our carbon footprint. Hino Hybrid provides great usability accompanied with lower emissions and lower fuel consumption, so our customers and the environment win.”Released late last year, the 714 Hybrid is Hino’s second-generation hybrid. The first generation machines were imported into Australia in limited numbers in 2007-08.The 714 combines an electric motor with a conventional diesel engine, resulting in substantial reductions in emissions and in fuel savings. Its new induction-type electric motor delivers 36-kilowatt maximum power and 350 newton-metres maximum torque at 1000rpm, compared with figures of 23kW and 243Nm for the superseded model.Hino says its new model hybrid is returning up to 30% fuel cost reductions in the hands of its first owners.

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