Workers plunge four storeys in Melbourne scaffolding collapse

According to a report in the Herald Sun newspaper, the scaffolding fell at approximately 9.50am today along busy Commercial Rd, bringing down power lines. Intensive care paramedic Rowan Haman told the newspaper a 28-year-old worker sustained a broken finger and some cuts and scrapes, while a 24-year-old man fell two floors and was left trapped and hanging upside down by his legs. He suffered neck, arm and leg injuries, and was freed by workmates. Harman told the paper a 52-year-old man also suffered chest injuries as he fell one floor. The workers were sub-contractors to Melbourne commercial property-development company Asian Pacific Building Corporation (APBC), which is building an apartment block and boutique hotel at the site where the accident happened. In an official statement obtained by CIN, APBC said the scaffolding on the facade of the development collapsed suddenly and without explanation.The company said it was fortunate that most of the workers were on their morning tea break at the time of the incident. It said the site would remain closed until it has been determined to have been made safe.APBC said it was working with all the relevant authorities in their ongoing investigations and has commenced its own investigation into this incident.

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