Wolff pup coming to Aust

The Wolff 355 B electric luffing crane has been the backbone of the Caelli fleet to date. The 355 B has a 14-tonne line pull and will lift 4t at its maximum 60m radius (single fall), and 28t at 18m (double fall, on a 30m jib).Caelli Plant operations manager George Micevski says the 355 B’s performance has been equivalent to the diesel luffing cranes in the Caelli fleet.Half of the Caelli cranes are running on mains power and half require generator sets. Mains power is ideal because of the reduced operating costs but Micevski has found a generator set uses around half the fuel of a diesel luffing crane and is quieter because of its extensive sound insulation.Micevski says the 355 B is ideal for the Melbourne market – where most of them are based – but he plans to bring in a smaller Wolff 224 B electric luffing crane and base it in Caelli’s Queensland depot as it is a better match for the Queensland market.The Wolff 224 B has an 8t line pull and will lift 1.6t at its maximum 60m radius (single fall) and 16t at an 18.5 radius with double fall and a 30m jib.The lead time for Wolff tower cranes is currently around three months. Caelli recently brought a second-hand Wolff 7532 hammerhead tower crane into Australia for a client and is converting it to meet Australian Standards. As the first Wolff hammerhead crane in Australia, its performance will be watched with interest.The largest electric luffing crane currently in the Wolff range is the 900 B, which has a 15t line pull and can be rigged with 1, 2 or 3 falls. It will lift 15t at 60m (single fall) and 45t at 29m (3 falls, 40m jib).An even larger model, a 1250 B, is planned for release in the near future, but Caelli has no immediate plans to bring it to Australia unless for a customer order.

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