When you just want to drive the biggest

It is based on the idea that there are a large number of people who just want to know what it is like to operate large construction machinery, such as excavators and wheel loaders. Located on an old factory site just outside the city of Kassel in central Germany, the park – called Männerspielplatz (big boys’ playground) – allows patrons to shed their clean-cut lifestyles and embrace the world of dirt, rocks, noise and diesel.According to news site Springwise, Männerspielplatz charges visitors €219, which gives them access to 18 activity stations featuring excavators, wheel loaders, quad bikes and four wheel drives. The site said the challenges for patrons included using a Komatsu excavator to move huge stones, levelling the ground with a dozer, and riding off-road on a quad bike. Patrons must be at least 18 years old and hold a Class B licence. Admission is limited to minimise waiting times.

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