What’s new in ’09: dumpers

The first two Volvo A40E FS articulated dump trucks with full suspension in Australia were due to be delivered to a customer in New South Wales in December. The cycle times of these machines will be closely watched to determine what efficiencies they can add to haul applications. Because of the speed differential with a conventional dumper, these really need to operate in fleets to achieve their full potential.Fiori distributor Semco has recently taken delivery of a small articulated dumper that has been developed with Fiori to suit rail maintenance applications. Its designation (JSR) is even a tribute to the late John Stanton, who assisted Semco with the concept for a machine to replace the Nikken dumpers that have not been manufactured for many years.The D35JSR is derived from the D40 and has hydrostatic drive, four-wheel wet disc brakes, Tier 3 Yanmar engine, a cab that can be rotated through 180 degrees for bi-directional operation, drop down sides and tailgate, belly plate protection and 600mm wide tyres for straddling tracks. Wheel loader axles have been used to provide the necessary oscillation. The D35JSR is designed for hand loading/unloading of heavy tools and railways gear, spikes, plates and sleepers; whereas the D40 is a dedicated dumper with a rotating dump body for side dumping applications.Semco says Fiori’s self-loading concrete mixers (which have a similar chassis to the dumpers) are ideal for remote jobs with modest concrete volumes, but says it has had difficulty in convincing contractors. The company also sees considerable potential for the new Mixer 4000 fully electronic menu-driven mixer, which can make 4cu.m of almost any mix in six minutes.

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