Wacker’s old faithful returns

The machine, which is powered by a Honda GX160 4-stroke engine producing 4.1 kilowatts, can dish out 17 kilonewtons of hitting force. The machine utilises an optimised combination of centrifugal force, weight and vibrations per minute to work smoothly on hot or cold asphalt. Wacker said the large radiuses on the corners of the 70mm-high, 500mm-wide base reduce the possibility of marks on the surface, and the specifically designed angle at the front of the base allows the VPA 90 to run smoothly forward without building up material in front of it. The company said that while the machine is popular with asphalt contractors, it can also be used for other compaction jobs including sand, gravel or paving. The VPA90 also features a sprinkler system, which is fed by an integrated seven-litre water tank as part of the shock-absorbed engine base. Two water pipes, one on each side of the water tank, supply the sprinkler bar, which is welded to the front of the base. This way, water can run to the sprinkler bar even when the machine is being operated on a slope. New breakers join rangeWacker has also expanded its range of breakers with the addition of two new lightweight devices. Weighing between six and seven kilos, the new EH 6M and EHB 7M electric breakers are extremely low maintenance, according to Wacker. The tools also have a quick-check display in the handle, allowing operators to monitor the power supply and see when the next service is due at a glance. A switch can be used to quickly and easily reduce breaker output by 40% for work where full power is not required. In November last year, the company’s subsidiary Wacker Construction Equipment announced plans to close its production plant in Wales, United Kingdom, as a result of the global economic downturn. Wacker said it would transfer production of its wheel dumpers from the Welsh town of Tredegar to its plant in Linz, Austria, and close its Welsh arm soon thereafter, resulting in approximately 90 job losses.

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