WA touts plan for $70M in state housing

The state and federal governments are set to join forces on the project, which was outlined in a statement yesterday by WA Housing and Works Minister Troy Buswell and federal Parliamentary Secretary for Government Service Delivery Senator Mark Arbib. Buswell’s office told CIN contracts for the work would be awarded progressively over the next four months. Arbib said the project, which in the first phase would deliver 286 new dwellings, would boost the local construction industry substantially. “This will stimulate the building and construction industry and has been estimated to support 15,000 jobs nationally over the next two years,” he said.“It’s not just about jobs for builders and tradies but also associated industries, such as building material manufacturers and suppliers, who help keep the Australian economy ticking over.”Arbib said the WA government had also agreed to contribute land worth almost $40 million to make sure the construction could go ahead.

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