Volvo spills dirt on futuristic Fenix paver

According to Volvo, the design is futuristic, aligning with the company’s safety, quality and environmental values. Fenix comprises asphalt filled solar powered pods, which heat the asphalt to the required temperature. “The hydraulics system works smoothly and without any interruptions to easily transfer the mix onto the pavement before it cools – this unstoppable process helps to boost productivity and cut costs,” Volvo said.The company said this eliminates the need to wait for the arrival of the next truck filled with hot mix. Fenix’s engine is a diesel, hydrogen and electric hybrid – the paver’s hydraulics use water in place of oil. “It is self-recycling in that it reuses the heat of the process – even the yellow colour is heat absorbent.” Biomaterials and environmentally friendly paving mixes can be used in the unit. On top of its environmental efficiency, the paver offers comfort to operators, with noise reduction and high-visibility elements incorporated into the design, Volvo said. Meanwhile, safety features include laser cones to create a virtual fence around the paving area, and empty pods that act as crash barriers preventing other vehicles getting too close.

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