Volvo again ranked as Sweden’s most attractive employer

According to a survey conducted by the Hong Kong-based employment research company Universum, Volvo’s strong corporate culture and international career possibilities were factors contributing to its continued top ranking.Each year, Universum conducts its Career Barometer Survey, in which it has young professionals rank Swedish employers. Those who respond are up to 40 years of age and have 1-8 years of work experience after completing university studies. “The ability to attract and recruit people with the right competence is critical for our business,” senior vice president of Human Resources at Volvo Group Kerstin Renard said.“Both the group management and our units are involved and engaged in our efforts to be an attractive employer – and against that background, a ranking such as this one is of course extremely positive,” Renard said. Universum said more than 14,000 people participated in the survey, including nearly 5500 engineers. Factors that the respondents highlighted as reasons for selecting the Volvo Group included confidence-inspiring management, strong ethics and high morals, strong corporate culture and financial strength.

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