Vic CCF flags major construction skills issues

The Victorian CCF said the industry’s capability to commence and complete delivery of the various projects would be particularly challenging, and requires a national approach to succeed. The organisers of the event, which was held on February 17, said there was broad agreement on the direction needed to address the skills issues, including but not limited to:
An economic downturn is an opportunity to refocus industry and government on the core strengths and weaknesses of the sector and action reforms accordingly.
A skills bank of retired engineers provides an immediate solution to infrastructuredevelopment needs.
A standard provisional funding sum included in all contracts that must be directed toward training and skills development will vastly improve training and skills development.
Increased partnership between industry, educators and government is required.
A regional employment priority on projects can address regionalised skills shortages.
There is a need to focus on and promote the importance of infrastructure development at the school and secondary college level.
The Victorian CCF said the forum, called Skills Summit Victoria, was attended by more than 100 representatives of local and state government, water companies, civil contracting firms and other construction companies. The forum assessed a number of issues affecting skill levels including lack of ongoing training, inconsistencies and lack of standardisation across all levels of government, and an ageing workforce. There skills summit also recognised the need for collaboration across industry, government and the education and training sector. The Victorian CCF said a steering committee chaired by its president Ian Sowerby is being formed to implement the key issues identified in the Summit.The first meeting is scheduled for March 19.

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