VDM awarded $17M in Sino Iron work

The new contract follows VDM’s existing contract with MCC, which had previously commissioned VDM to build stage 1 of the Cape Preston village, including the first 600 rooms and all of the central facilities. The development will accommodate employees working on the $A5.5 billion Sino Iron project for the Chinese government-backed CITIC Group.The Sino Iron project is the largest planned magnetite development in Australia, and CITIC says it remains on target to begin exporting next year.The project is based on 2 billion tonnes of magnetite resources purchased from mining entrepreneur Clive Palmer, and the development includes the Cape Preston port and harbour facilities.In January, CITIC signed a new contract for the supply of gas to the project, where it is building a 450-megawatt power station.VDM chief operating officer Mark Nagle said stage 1 of the accommodation work was due for completion this month.“The award of stage 2 will allow Wylie & Skene to continue on the works seamlessly,” Nagle said.

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