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Ultrascrub transforms waste into a valuable resource

Demand for recycled aggregate is increasing as the construction industry trends toward more sustainable construction practices. To help producers meet this demand, the McLanahan UltraSCRUB modular scrubbing plant offers a packaged solution for producing clean, recycled coarse aggregate from a C&D debris stream. 

The UltraSCRUB consists of a primary scrubbing module featuring either a coarse material screw washer or log washer, depending on the application, followed by an aggregate sizing screen. The scrubbing module features rotating paddles to break down and remove deleterious material as well as a spray bar for rinsing liberated contaminants from the sound aggregate. It also features rising current to assist in the removal of light fractions such as plastics and lightweight organic material. The horizontal sizing screen is available in a double- or triple-deck option to separate up to four different product sizes. 

The plant features a modular support structure with generous standard access arrangements and optional walkway sections, as well as adjustable static or radial conveyors in a range of lengths and widths. Optional overband magnets can be added to the discharge ends of the conveyors to remove ferrous tramp metals ahead of product stockpiling. The UltraSCRUB is pre-wired and pre-plumbed with a single connection point for the water lines for rapid on-site deployment
or relocation. 

Optionally, a pre-screening module can be added ahead of the primary scrubbing module to remove sand or reject oversize to improve the scrubbing process. A transfer sump and pump can be added to collect and move the sand fraction for furthering processing. An optional trash screen is available to dewater the lightweight contaminants.

Available in various sizes and configurations, the UltraSCRUB provides flexible scrubbing for removing deleterious materials as well as final sizing options for the clean aggregate products. With the UltraSCRUB, producers can transform C&D waste into a valuable resource for use in new construction projects. 

The Ultra SCRUB is distributed in Australia by Lincom Group. 

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