Tutt Bryant consolidates in WA

The opening also heralded Tutt Bryant’s move to bring together its subsidiaries Kingston Industries, which specialises in heavy haulage, Tutt Bryant Crane Hire and Project Services. Ray Cron, Tutt Bryant’s regional manager for Tutt Bryant Crane Hire in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, told CIN the consolidation was driven by the need to better service clients and to put the divisions under one management. He emphasized the move had already been planned before the onset of the global financial crisis. The regional manager said the company had brought some brand new cranes into WA, including a 600-tonne Kobelco crawler and two 65t Kato cranes, while three 280-tonne Sumitomo crawlers were on their way. “In addition to that, we’ve bought an 1100-tonne gantry system,” Cron said. “We’re looking at loading and unloading some locomotives in the north-west [of WA] – it can be moved easily on trucks because it can be containerised.” He said the gantry system would also be used for moving large transformers and ball mills into place. “It fills a niche, and we could see the gap in the market,” he said. Cron said mining, oil and gas industries were the primary areas of the work that Tutt Bryant carried out in WA.

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