Trimble gives pavers some new guidance

The new product is called the PCS400 Paving Control System, which Trimble says can improve the accuracy and productivity of asphalt-paving applications and minimise the use of expensive asphalt material. The company says the guidance system can be used in paving applications, such as at highways, state roads, airports and large commercial surfaces. The system was launched last week at the World of Asphalt expo in Orlando, Florida, which is dedicated to showcasing the latest technologies and innovations in asphalt-related equipment, products and services. The PCS400 uses up to three sonic tracers mounted on an averaging beam. Each sonic tracer has five sensors, rather than a single sensor, which allows the system to minimise the impact of small irregularities, such as stones, grate inlets, shovels and workers’ feet. Trimble said the system also assists with larger irregularities, such as road waves, and can be averaged out using Trimble’s averaging-beam technology, negating the need for bulky drag skis. The PCS400 can be mounted on a variety of new or used asphalt-paving machines, regardless of manufacturer. The system can be flexibly configured with a combination of sonic tracers, slope sensors, averaging-beam and contact sensors.

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