Toyota’s quiet achievements with compacts

The popular 4SDK range seems to have been around forever but is now being replaced with the 5SDK range, which includes two new models: the top of the range 5SDK11, with an operating capacity of 900kg, and the 730kg capacity 5SDK9. The 4SDK4 remains in place as the entry level machine.The 5SDK range features a larger cabin (90mm taller and 54mm wider), reduced noise and vibration levels, and digital instrumentation. The suspension seat has 150mm of fore and aft adjustment. New steps and grips make it easier to get in and out of the cabin. These machines underwent extensive testing in Australia, which is a key market for Toyota. Toyota Material Handling engineers chose to stick with proven solid-state electronics on all models rather than newer technologies that could compromise performance in severe operating environments. A first with the SDK5 range is the choice of a Toyota or a universal hitch, making it easier for potential buyers to change brands without the cost penalty of buying new attachments.The models 5SDK8 to 5SDK11 have pilot control levers, while the 5SDK10 and 5SDK11 models also have vertical lift arms.Pressure reduction rings are fitted to each of the lift and dump cylinders to improve durability by absorbing impact when digging, and also protect gasket seals and reduce the risk of oil leaks. New wedge-shaped pins move vertically to secure the bucket in place and reduce noise during bucket operation. A new urethane paint system is said to give additional protection against rust and fading.

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