Topcon in the picture with new field controller

Topcon also claims the new FC-2500 field controller has more advanced features as standard than any other field controller on the market, which include a 624MHz XScale processor, 256Mb RAM and 2Gb flash storage memory. But the manufacturer is particularly proud of the controller’s 5.17-megapixel digital camera. Neil Other, Topcon’s sales manager for Australia and New Zealand, said the onboard camera could be used to associate photos with stored survey points in a special Photo Notes section. “For every topo shot, a photo and comments can be stored allowing for instant recall of a specific area of a job site,” he said. “The FC-2500 provides them with a 55-key alphanumeric pad, plus an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use eight-way joystick button to control the robotic systems.” Topcon says the FC-2500 also has an add-on connection for a spread-spectrum radio for communication with Topcon’s robotic total stations. This connector, when used with Topcon’s RS-1 radio module, provides a cable-free radio connection to Topcon robotic instruments.Other said the FC-2500 had been specifically designed to be “glove friendly”, so that no matter the weather or conditions, the FC-2500 will allow surveyors and site workers to get the work done.

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