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Greater Shepparton City Council awards kerbside contracts

Greater Shepparton City Council has awarded the waste services contract for the kerbside waste collection services for a period of 7.5 years, with an optional 7.5 year extension.

Three businesses were successful in their tenders for the contract, Foott Waste, Cleanaway, and BioMix.

The contract will see Foott Waste undertake the bin collection services for all forms of residential waste, including the red lid general waste, yellow lid comingled recyclables, green lid Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) and purple lid glass material. Foott Waste were also successful in their tender for bulk transport services which includes transporting the collected waste to its nominated processing facilities.

Cleanaway were successful in their tender for the provision of recyclables acceptance and processing services, along with the provision for glass acceptance and processing services for the contract term. BioMix were successful in securing the contract for FOGO acceptance and processing services for the contract term.

Through the completion of this tender, Council seeks to provide reliable waste and recycling services for Greater Shepparton City Council, develop a robust local waste and recycling industry, and encourage new infrastructure growth and investment in the region. The contract also seeks to introduce service enhancements to contribute to the delivery of the State Government’s Recycling Victoria Policy, meet community expectations, and maximise the region’s diversion of waste from landfill.

Mayor, Councillor Shane Sali, congratulated each of the successful businesses on their tender.

“This is an extremely important contract for Council, it is the highest value contract which Council enters into. This contract ensures that Council provides best value and fit-for-purpose services to our community now and into the future, over an initial period of 7.5 years with an option for another 7.5 year extension,” he said.

“A positive economic outcome has been achieved by undertaking this process, one which will meet the needs of the community as well as creating many circular economy opportunities within the local Waste and Resource Recovery industry.

“Congratulations to each of the successful tenderers. Council looks forward to working with these businesses to achieve our waste and recycling goals over the coming years.”

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