The Powerhouse: Fuchs MHL320 material handler

In the world of industrial recycling, the Fuchs MHL320 Material Handler stands as a powerhouse, blending resilience and innovation. This robust machine, weighing between 19.1 and 22.9 tonnes, with the power of a 95 kW engine and a reach of up to 10.4 meters, sets the standard for efficiency in handling industrial waste recycling.

For years, the MHL320 has been the benchmark in industrial recycling, and its reputation is well-earned. 

It has dual-ear cylinder bearings integrated into the entire boom, as well as a high-performance cooling system with spatially separate radiators, ensuring coolers remain clear of dust and light waste and at optimal operating temperatures.

It also has a double-row spherical slew ring for smooth motion and extended service life. This machine exemplifies Fuchs’ commitment to excellence. These features contribute to optimal performance even during prolonged and challenging tasks.

The unit consistently delivering a reliable performance. 

Its versatility offers a spectrum of possibilities from precision sorting to heavy-duty loading tasks. 

With various boom versions, undercarriages, and special equipment options, the MHL320 can be customised to align with unique requirements, providing a tailored solution for individual needs.

Along with its mechanical features the MHL320 also considers operators with its operator-centric design. 

The cab is a reinforced steel structure with soundproofed, heat-insulated panoramic windows for best all-round visibility. 

Inside, heating and air conditioning with separate heat exchangers and fresh and recirculated air filters, make for a comfortable environment. 

The operator‘s seat is an air-cushioned comfort seat with swinging armrests/joysticks, safety belt, lumbar support and headrest. 

It is designed to enable fatigue-free work due to universal adjustment options for the seat position and the arrangement of the seat cushion in relation to the armrests and joysticks.

In an era where sustainable waste management is paramount, the Fuchs MHL320 material handler emerges as a beacon of visibility, reliability, and innovation. 

It represents a commitment to a productive and efficient future.

In conclusion, the Fuchs MHL320 is said to not only meet but exceed the demands of industrial recycling. 

Its robust design and adaptability make it a cornerstone in sustainable waste management, paving the way for a greener and more efficient future.

Onetrak, is the national distributor for Fuchs machines. It is backed by a national parts and service footprint. 

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