The power to save (by Proxy)

Electronics specialist ProxyVolt began developing an overhead Powerline detection system six years ago in response to a request from a customer for a high-voltage proximity warning system that would protect his personnel and plant.The resulting product has been through a number of stages of development to arrive at the current model PV5007. The ProxyVolt system has been installed on mobile cranes and haul trucks in the mining industry throughout Australia. The Western Australian Water Authority has requested that all contractors install the power line detection system on all excavators working on its sewer infill project. In addition, a national aggregates company has trialled the ProxyVolt system with a view to fitting it to its national fleet of road tippers. But to date the crane industry has not adopted the systems to a significant extent. A contractor used the system on all its equipment capable of striking power lines on the Southern Regional Water Pipeline, and has indicated an intention to do this on future projects. The system was fitted to excavators and mobile cranes used on the project. One factor that has shown up in informal surveys of potential users, including some who have struck power lines, is that even experienced operators can contact power lines due to poor visibility caused by overcast conditions or loads obstructing sight lines. Inattention is another cause – often when there is a need to concentrate on the load when filling a dump truck, discharging a load, working next to a busy roadway or some other aspect of the work.ProxyVolt’s Australian distributor Voltage Detection Systems also distributes the SupaRule cable height meter. SupaRule is a hand-held meter that is an alternative to telescopic measuring poles in determining the height of overhead power lines, and is a valuable tool for lift planning close to power lines and for mobile equipment working around power lines.

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