The long story about Membrey’s trailers

This growth includes a new depot in Brisbane, which operates under the name of Brisbane Transport & Crane Hire.The truck and trailer range includes flat tops, drop decks, extendible drop decks, floats, steerable jinkers and container side loaders. Membrey wanted to extend these capabilities and commission the longest extendible trailer in the country, but struggled to find a local manufacturer willing to take on the task. In frustration he approached Dutch manufacturer Nooteboom and took delivery of the trailer in mid-2007, then converted it to meet Australian standards.The quad axle trailer, known as a Teletrailer, can extend from 15m to 44m, and any length in between. To date a number of 36m long loads have been carried. Potential loads include wind turbine blades and overhead travelling cranes.The Teletrailer not only steers through the rear wheels but it can also steer from the turntable. Control is by either a corded or a cordless remote control.Membrey’s generally purchases trailers from a couple of local manufacturers, but also has an in-house engineering department that modifies trailers for special projects. Membrey says it is difficult to get specialty equipment built locally, and the lead times are often unacceptable.

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