Sydney Metro designs online

The three different visions for how the stations might look were developed during the workshop process, which was held to develop draft design principles to guide future station design.The draft principles cover a range of issues including built form, materials, heritage, public art and landscaping. NSW government architect Peter Mould said the sample designs had been developed by three teams each comprising a top architect, a landscape architect and a public artist in order to test the principles.The design principles were developed at two workshops attended by peak, professional and community groups as well as members of the Design Review Panel. Following further consultation, the design principles will be provided to the Integrated Metro Operations contractor that will build the stations.Mould said the design teams’ contrasting visions had helped the workshop participants to clarify and sharpen the principles, sparking a lively discussion.“This exercise has been focused on engaging the community in a discussion about what attributes are important for metro stations,” he said.“A key theme was that the stations’ appearance should contribute to the sense of place. This was more important than specifying architectural style or the materials.“There were also many comments about the importance of achieving a layout that enabled easy pedestrian, bus and cycle connections into the Metro.”The sample designs showed a range of creative approaches to the entries of the two stations.These included:Extensive use of Sydney’s famous yellow sandstone in the stations;
Incorporating Port Jackson fig trees into the design, including station entrances lit by a series of light tubes in the form of tree roots, acting as both lighting and public art;
A mixture of approaches at Rozelle, with both plaza-based designs and designs that involved “gateway” buildings on the corners of Darling Street;
Incorporating natural features such as a sandstone cliff into the design of the western entrance at Miller Street, Pyrmont; and
Incorporating solar panels and other sustainability measures, such as cycle storage, into the design.
Images of the sample designs and a written extract explaining each design can be viewed at www.sydneymetro.nsw.gov.au

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