Strengthening market for compact graders

These machines combine the economy of a mass-produced tractor with an underslung grader kit that offers full-size grader features such as hydraulic control of blade raise/lower, angle, tilt, pitch control and sideshift. The graders are assembled in Australia and are fitted with proportional laser valves, a back-up alarm, horn and rotating work light and horn, and lights etc to allow road registration. The bulk of the machines sold in Australia have been fitted to 45hp New Holland Boomer TC45DA tractors and incorporate laser control.CGC plans to build a grader around a yet-to-be-released 95hp New Holland tractor with Super Steer, to meet demand for a more powerful grader with higher clearance. Although the graders can be built around other tractors, New Holland machines with Super Steer are ideally suited to the application because of their sharp steer angles and slightly longer wheelbase, giving the grader greater manoeuvrability and greater clearance for blade angling than their alternatives. The front wheel assist also provides excellent bladepull for such a compact machine.The CGC machines fit, in blade width and weight, between the Laser-Grader and the NorAm and Champion graders in the compact grader market, so that there is now a reasonably priced grader available locally for most applications.

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