Special bond found on Sydney freeway

BMD Constructions, which worked on the project between Mt Colah and Cowan, required the edge of existing concrete roadway to be scarified to facilitate bonding with new pavement.The bonding job stretched along 9km of roadway and the area to be profiled was 50mm from the top, with untreated sections to remain above and below to allow some movement when the old and new pavements were joined.The polyplaner was attached to a mini loader and modified to allow the tungsten teeth to work on the vertical face, while the skids were relocated so the head could float along the top of the pavement.“There was another machine we could have used, but it would have meant leaving the job till a later stage, which would put it in the critical path,” BMD Constructions senior project engineer Mark Matkovich said.The machine was hired through Kennards Concrete Care, which worked with BMD Constructions on the project. Kennards’ spokesman Konrad Stempniak said the first test runs were far more challenging than expected. “Our target of 500 lineal metres per day appeared almost impossible to achieve,” Stempniak said.“However, after changing mini loaders and remodifying the head, the target once again became realistic,” he said. “One of the operators proved himself to be ‘king of the road’, delivering 1000 lineal meters in an eight-hour shift, which doubled our expectations.“The highest productivity was produced by operators who were prepared to work at it patiently.”

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