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Skala offers hands-on experience for clients

Craig Cosgrove and Simon Toal founded Skala Environmental, a dedicated business unit of Skala Australasia, in October 2023 in order to provide a tailored and personalised approach to equipment and systems sales within the resource recovery industry. 

Skala Environmental is the Australian partner for Eggersmann GmbH recycling equipment, as well as Screenpod Design & Manufacturing. These partnerships enable Skala to supply an array of specialist products to the resource recovery industry. This equipment includes, but is not limited to, mobile and stationary shredding, screening, and turning and separation solutions. Add a range of portable industrial vacuums and it is easy to see why the company is set to make its mark in
the industry.

Industry in general is becoming increasingly competitive and processors are seeking efficiencies through industry-leading technology, increased reliability and performance.  

“Processors are looking for an enduring and trusted supplier that provides them with confidence in technical support, parts availability and responsive aftersales relationship,” said Cosgrove. 

“The relationship starts at the factory and in response our OEM partners are also committed to continuous improvement, refining their processes and systems with diagnostics for remote maintenance, more seamless parts logistics chains and more interactive communications systems to capture and share experience and learnings across the industry. Proactive maintenance, training and technical support go a long way to improving productivity.”

People buy and deal with people they know and trust. This has been the foundation of Skala’s business, according to Cosgrove. He said It takes its long-term relationship’s seriously and views its customers as business partners. The company spends time and effort getting to know its clients’ businesses, personnel, individual requirements and constraints. This enables it to tailor its service and solutions to best support the client’s business. 

Cosgrove also said that Skala is a family-owned business whose team are skilled at what they do. 

He believes that a smaller business generally offers far more flexible and personalised approach. This is especially the case when it comes to after-sales service and support.

“It’s more than just the equipment. It’s the after-sales experience that is important,” he said. “That is part of what you’re buying into. And I think words like that get bandied around a lot these days by everyone, but that’s how you build relationships with your customers. It’s a very hands-on industry, and that’s one of the reasons why we started Skala Environmental because that’s what we can offer – that personal experience.”

Cosgrove also points out that he sees Skala as a niche company. While many companies do claim that, he says its strategy has been deliberate – starting from the back-up service it gives to the brands it represents in Australia. One aspect he likes is the fact that he and Toal like to get stuck in when it comes to the pointy end of the business.

“There are two directors, and we’re very hands-on all day – every day,” he said. “We’re on the coalface with everyone else – we’re out with the customers, understanding what they want, listening to them, and coming back with solutions. That’s how we roll. That’s the only way in this business because everyone’s always doing something different, and you have to show that little bit extra to clients as it’s a unique business that we’re in.”

As well as supplying equipment, the company also designs, installs, and commissions turnkey recycling plants. As well as organics and C&D, it has the expertise to help those in the C&I and municipal solid waste arenas. 

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