Social enterprise Outlook Environmental will build a new e-waste facility thanks to a $500,000 injection from the Victorian government.

This will see Outlook Environmental move from its current site in Pakengam to Officer where a new 1000 square metre facility is expected to process 1000 tonnes of e-waste in its first year of operation. Beyond that, it is projected to have the capacity to divert 5000 tonnes from landfill.

The facility will receive a wide range of discarded electronics which will be stripped of their components for reprocessing into new technology or sold on the second hand goods market.

In 2014, around 109,000 tonnes of e-waste entered Victoria's waste and recovery system, with projections it will be more than 250,000 tonnes by 2035.

The injection is part of the Victorian government's combined investment of $16.5 million towards ensuring the effectiveness of its planned e-waste ban.

Submissions on the e-waste ban, which will start in July 2018, can be made via