A Perth council has won plaudits for an extensive educational and informational campaign aimed at reducing waste.

Susan Hunt of Lotterywest, Earth Carers' Amy Mickelberg and Amy Warne, and UNAAWA president Steve Lennon at the gala.

Western Metropolitan Regional Council, which sprawls from inner-city Subiaco to residential Mosman Park, took out the Environmental Action Award at a UN Day gala in October. The award went to their waste education team, which has championed better residential waste practices through an extensive engagement program called Earth Carers.

The centrepiece of the program is a free course, run bi-annually, that includes tours of waste facilities and community gardens, sessions on minimising food waste and at-home organics processing, problem wastes, and the waste management sector in Perth.

Earth Carers also runs outreach events, recycling drop-off centres and programs, portable water bottle refill stations and an annual "Less is More" festival. Initially set up by the Department of Environment and Conservation in 1998, the program is funded by gate fees at the FR (Jim) McGeough Resource Recovery Facility.

The award was given by the WA division of the United Nations' Australian arm.