Sany crane tracking well

The operation, near Orange in regional New South Wales, is estimated to have a 30-year lifespan and, despite current economic conditions, has been expanded with the construction of a new reclaim chamber and crusher.Paul Barwick of MCA Group took delivery of the crane in 2008 from Sany distributor James Equipment.When the crane arrived onsite at the Cadia mine, the MCA crew put the crane to work immediately, carrying out all the major lifting on the civil construction work associated with the expansion, which included formwork and steel erection tasks.“The nature of the construction site demanded that only a crawler could get in to do the lifts,” said Gary Heather, the civil construction supervisor on the project. “The Sany SCC800C was the ideal crane for the job,” he said. “None of the lifting was particularly heavy so in that respect the Sany operated well within its lifting capability. “Where it came into its own was the rough terrain and its superior reach.”On this site, the Sany crawler was rigged with a 46m boom, but MCA Group has a further 12m of main jib plus an 18m fly jib available in their yard.“And for transporting to and from the Cadia Valley site, the tracks pull in and we just load the Sany onto a loader and it’s away.”The Sany SCC800C has a maximum hoisting capacity of 80 tonnes. The boom length varies from 13m to 58m. Power is delivered in the form of a Cummins 8.3-litre, water-cooled diesel engine.

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