Safety in sewer thanks to hydraulic saw

Project engineer Kiran KC said Metropolitan Restorations was engaged by Sydney Water to replace the concrete platforms with steel structures.He said the company sought assistance from Kennards Concrete Care for the hire of the hydraulic-powered demolition saw after it became apparent that flammable gases in the sewer main and shaft had eaten away the platforms and would prevent the use of petrol or electric powered tools.A steel ladder, connecting the staged platforms and leading to the 40-year-old main, also required replacement.Safety was the highest priority for the team working in the confined shaft, which was 3.7m by 1.8m and the height of a 20-storey building.“The hydraulic saw played an important role because it produces no fumes,” the engineer said.“Our people were comfortable working with it and they found it very effective in cutting through the concrete which was 150-200 millimetres thick.“The concrete pieces, each weighing about 80 kilograms, were then winched to the top of the shaft.”

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