Robway, Dieci team up

The changes, which exceed the European standards to which most machines are designed, relate to telehandlers, used to pick and carry freely suspended loads of 3 tonnes and over.The introduction of AS1418-19 is designed to provide telescopic handler operators with the same protection as mobile crane operators when performing similar functions. Some traditional crane operators may now consider telehandlers for lighter lifts, particularly if regular use can be found for other attachments that can be fitted to telescopic handlers, such as pallet forks and hoist jibs.Dieci distributor AWD Equipment Sales and Adelaide-based safety systems manufacturer Robway formed a partnership in September 2007 to co-develop an AS1418.19-compliant system for the non-slewing range of Dieci telehandlers in Australia.The new system introduces a number of innovative features such as simple integration with the existing stabiliser and attachment-selector arrangements and the inclusion of a biaxial tilt sensor to correct to safe working load and warn of excessive tilt angles relative to machine function.Another first is the introduction of a multi-purpose SD memory card, providing a means of efficiently implementing system modifications, upgrading load charts and adding attachments. The card can also be used to transfer onboard data logger and calibration files to a laptop.One such application of the SD card was for a new fan-carrier attachment required for underground mines to safely manipulate ventilation fans into position on the roof of incline tunnels. The fan-carrier attachment includes a man basket that meets Australian Standard AS1418-10. Despite the sophistication of the attachment, the Robway system was quickly upgraded and placed into service via the SD card.

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