Remote control a safe option

The best known of these is the Brokk, handled in Australia by Adelaide-based Kiwi Operations Downunder. Models available are the 50 (475kg, 590 mm wide, electric), 90 (930kg, 780mm, electric), 180 (1900kg, 800mm, electric), 440D (4400kg, 1500mm, diesel) and 400 (4800kg, 1500mm, electric). The electric drive on most models makes them suitable for indoor operations, from both a noise and a fumes point of view.A full range of attachments is available to suit the Brokk machines, which have exceptional breakout force for their size.To date they have been used most commonly in Australia for cleaning out furnaces and kilns, but they have equal application in civil work and are a safe and productive alternative to a mini excavator for work in confined spaces.The Finmac F16, another electric machine, is distributed in Australia by Sandvik Mining and Construction dealers. One will be on display at ACE this year.Weighing 1690kg, the F16 can be fitted with 11-kilowatt, 15kW or 18.5kW electric motors and has separate hydraulic motors in the travel base and slewing upper section. At less than 800mm width, the F16 can access most spaces and (like the Brokk machines) it has a 30-degree climb angle and can climb stairs. Rubber or steel tracks can be fitted. Lifting hooks at the corners allow the F16 to be lifted into areas that it could not otherwise access.Malaga, Western Australia-based Mini Machines Australia distributes Rotair hydraulic hammers and Rotair compact tracked carriers, which can be used as a carrier for a small hammer for demolition and for rock breaking in confined spaces when fitted with the Multi-Arm attachment. The carriers are offered with either diesel or petrol engines and some are available for hire through MMA. At under 800mm width, they can access areas that most other machines cannot.Two models of stand-on carrier, the R70.1 (500kg off-road capacity) and R80 (700kg off-road capacity), can be fitted with the Multi-Arm and a hammer. A range of other bodies can be fitted to increase their utilisation.While the Rotair brand is not as well known in Australia as some others, it produces hammers for a number of the major original equipment manufacturers in Europe. Lindsay Platon of MMA says Rotair’s technology and quality is up with the best hammer manufacturers. He hopes the brand will quickly become recognised as a leader because of its superior engineering and assembly and its ease of repair. MMA is now looking to set up a dealer network around Australia.Currently, the OLS range of six hammers to suit machines up to 11-tonne operating weight is offered in Australia. Features include a strong single block casing, an anti-vibration device to limit vibration transferred to the host machine, a working pressure control valve that optimises the hammer pressure regardless of the working pressure of the host machine, low noise and vibration levels and energy regeneration.A unique feature is the pin-on Tucano side bucket that allows an excavator to clear and load rubble without having to detach the hammer. Finmac F16 radio-controlled demolition machine.

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