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REMONDIS invests in soft plastics pelletising unit

Chris Gusenzow pelletising unit

REMONDIS Australia has bought a soft plastics pelletising unit that converts old plastics to pellets that can be used as feed-stock in making new plastic materials.

To be imported by CEMAC technologies from Austria, the Erema Intarema TVEplus 1310 RegrindPro will be based at REMONDIS’ Jandakot site and process plastics from across WA. 

At maximum operation the unit is capable of producing up to 5,000 tonnes of pellets per year that can be sold locally and internationally for low density polyethylene and other plastics making. 

REMONDIS Australia General Manager – Western Australia Chris Gusenzow said the investment was in response to Federal COAG plastics export bans and businesses demanding more circularity when it comes to plastics recycling solutions. 

“Big players such as supermarkets and other large retailers are always asking what’s happening to disposable plastic, and this is as close as we can get to a silver bullet recycling solution,’’ Gusenzow said. 

“This equipment is the epitome of circular economy recycling. What goes in the unit comes out in purest-form pellets that can be used to make new similar products, which is a notch above lesser recycling equipment where pellets are down-cycled and be used to make lower grade products. 

“This particular unit is unique because its multiple filtration process removes several contaminants. The unit also comprises triple degassing, allowing highest possible removal of volatiles, thereby producing pure and ready-to-use pellets at the end of the process.’’ 

CEMAC technologies Managing Director Eric Paulsen described the unit as the high-end workhorse of plastics recycling. 

“The machine can handle a wide range of material types, including film and rigid plastics waste fractions and still manages to produce cleanest possible pellet product, which can be used to kickstart the product manufacturing process all over again,’’ Paulsen said. 

“The units have remarkable endurance to work long hours, even 24-7 if required, depending on the scheduled output. 

“This recycling equipment really is a win for industry in terms of controlling disposal costs, and a win for the environment in terms of more being done with existing products, thereby reducing the need for new plastics being manufactured and disposed of.’’ 

The pelletising unit is expected to be shipped to Perth later this year and be operational in early 2024.

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