Relationship contracting in convention spotlight

The Alliancing Association of Australasia’s WA chapter, WA RCN, will host the event at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.“As the pioneer of new LNG markets for the state, including gas export to China, Mr Court brings first-hand knowledge of drivers for economic growth and the role of nation-building projects to support economic development,” AAA executive director Alain Mignot said. “This is particularly relevant as Australia faces the challenge of upgrading its infrastructure to catch up with other leading nations.”The convention would assist practitioners to hone their collaborative edge and adapt quickly as the industry evolved. “National issues such as funding options for infrastructure projects will be grappled through discussion about application of alliancing principles within public-private partnerships,” Mignot said. “Speakers addressing this issue include Charles McDonald, general manager construction for BrisConnections, which is delivering Australia’s largest PPP, Queensland’s $4 billion AirportLink. “KPMG’s advisory partner, George Sutton, will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of applying alliancing principles to PPPs based on his work leading KPMG’s New South Wales alliancing practice.” Value for money continues to attract headline interest within the industry, and Sydney Water’s general manager, Asset Solutions Ron Quill, will share the knowledge he has gained delivering infrastructure through relationship contracting since the agency undertook Australia’s first alliance in 1997, the Northside Storage Alliance. Main Roads Western Australia executive director infrastructure delivery Phil Ladner and Leighton Contractors manager infrastructure Rob Wallwork will lead a discussion on the future of relationship contracting. “Interactive discussion is a hallmark of AAA events. We offer a ‘club’ atmosphere to unlock breakthrough thinking and understand the issues and opportunities that lie ahead of us,” Mignot said.

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