Record-breaking crawler here next year

The 907 tonne Manitowoc 21000 will be used for assembly work in construction of three advanced warships for the Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance (shipbuilder ASC, systems suppler Raytheon and the government Defence Materiel Organisation).Assembly work will take place at ASC’s shipyard, close to Adelaide. Due for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2010, the 21000 will be used at the joining stage of construction to erect the pre-fabricated blocks that make up a 6250t destroyer.According to Manitowoc, ASC selected the Model 21000 for its capacity and advanced technology that allows optimum maneuverability and control for a crane of its size.John Stewart, Manitowoc’s Asia-Pacific senior vice president of sales and marketing, said ASC also liked the options the Model 21000 offered the company on the project. “When using modular construction in shipbuilding, gantry cranes are often preferred,” he said. “However ASC liked the fact that the Model 21000 gives the company more options. It can handle its core duties, but also offers the ability to handle maintenance work or other general lifting duties.”The crane will be configured with 85.3 metres of heavy-lift boom as well as the MAX-ER lift-enhancing attachment. The Model 21000 has a modular design and can be rigged in 20 hours using a crew of five with one assist crane. AWD Alliance chief executive officer John Gallacher said the Model 21000 epitomised the scale of the job. “In many ways the Model 21000 reflects the size of the whole project,” he said. “It can lift the equivalent of a fully loaded Airbus aircraft. The crane will play a pivotal role, assembling the ships, lifting and maneuvering the blocks that make up the ships.”Manitowoc state manager Anthony Lazenby said the sale of the crane was a notable achievement for the company. “It’s been great working with the ASC guys in the sale of this Model 21000,” he said. “They have a professional approach and they know their stuff, so we’re pleased they selected this crane, which is the largest Manitowoc we’ve ever supplied into Australia.”According to Manitowoc, the crane’s EPIC system will be particularly useful on the AWD project. EPIC controls the crane’s hydraulic pumps in response to its electronic-over-hydraulic controls, providing infinite speed response in direct proportion to control lever movements from the operator.The manufacturer says another feature useful is the Octa-trac eight-crawler system, unique to Manitowoc, which allows precise maneuverability under full load as well as lower ground bearing pressure, compared with traditional crawler cranes.The four sets of crawlers act more like outriggers, meaning the Model 21000 does not create point loading pressures often found in more traditional crawler cranes.

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