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Queensland to get $12 m in funding

Queensland waste funding

More than $12 million joint funding for six new recycling projects will divert more than 69,000 tonnes of waste from Queensland landfill every year.

The federal and state government investment will increase waste recycling capabilities across South East Queensland including the Gold Coast, Logan, Toowoomba and Brisbane, as well as in Rockhampton.

The six projects will support 82 construction jobs and create 116 ongoing positions.

The new infrastructure will sort, process and transform waste plastics, paper, cardboard and glass into new products for use in agriculture, manufacturing, construction and sustainable food-packaging.

Industry is contributing an additional $24.4 million to the projects.

This funding is part of a $1 billion boost to recycling infrastructure nationally, with the Federal Government investing $250 million through the Recycling Modernisation Fund and state and territory governments and industry also contributing.

The government is working to build a circular economy where materials are reused, recycled or remanufactured more, and less waste is produced in the first place.

In Queensland, funding from the Queensland Recycling Modernisation Fund (QRMF) improves waste processing and grows the recycling industry across the state.

The next round of the Recycling Modernisation Fund will target advanced solutions for plastics that are hard to recycle.

Applications close in November.  For more information, visit:

Funded projects

AA Sunstate Packaging, Meadowbrook – $480,079 to install specialist new equipment to transform soft plastics into packaging for the manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

Action Products, Richlands – $810,897 to install a new shredding and recycling line that will add more recycled plastics into the manufacture of injection-moulded spacers for reinforcement mesh used in the construction industry.

Disruptive Packaging, Yatala – $3,432,129 to establish a new remanufacturing plant for their award-winning Unicor® sustainable food-packaging that replaces wax cardboard cartons in the food industry.

IQ Renew, Toowoomba – $3,200,000 for a new plastics recycling facility that will process hard and soft plastic waste and turn it into fence posts, pipe resin and other plastic aggregate replacement products.

Re.Group, Location to be confirmed  – $4,500,000 for a beneficiation plant that will sort and reprocess glass into valuable glass products.

Kriaris Recyclables Processing, Rockhampton – $373,521 to install and operate an upgraded baler and conveyor for liquid paperboard, plastic and aluminium beverage containers that can also process cardboard and paper into bales for effective transportation.

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