Qld warned against interstate contractors

Queensland Public Works and Housing Minister Robert Schwarten said differences between Queensland law and that of other states could be problematic, and that if building owners were engaging an interstate contractor to perform building work, they should ensure they were using a contract which reflected Queensland law. “Some contractors from interstate may encourage you to sign an interstate contract, which is not in your best interests as legal requirements differ across the border,” he said. The Queensland government has urged all Queenslanders, especially those impacted by recent natural disasters, to insist on a written contract when engaging trade contractors for repair or restoration work. “Having a written contract for work means both parties know precisely what needs to be done, how much it will cost, how long it will take and what their rights and responsibilities are,” Schwarten said. “You should also receive from the builder or contractor a QBSA-approved contract information statement, which you should read carefully.” QBSA general manager Ian Jennings said homeowners should also avoid signing separate contracts for a home – for example, one for the supply of materials and the other for the actual construction. Jennings also said homeowners should avoid agreeing to cash settlements with their insurers.“These cash settlements can sometimes lead to complications further down the track,” Jennings said.

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