Qld sandstone big in China

The contract was signed this month between Australian Sandstone Industries and the L’Sea Group in Guangzhou to supply from ASI’s Helidon quarry, 105km west of Brisbane.Queensland Minister for Trade John Mickel said that in total, the contracts will see ASI supplying 16,000t of sandstone to support more of L’Sea Group’s major construction projects in South China.He said the extra product order had seen ASI employ an additional 10 workers to produce the required sandstone at the Helidon quarry.“L’Sea’s building projects are underway in major cities in three provinces – Hunan, Nanning and Guangzhou – making good use of the large volumes of fine quality sandstone available from ASI’s quarry to construct main architectural structures as an upgrade option in housing projects,” Mickel said.“ASI’s product is lightweight, non-toxic and durable – characteristics that are clearly appealing to the company’s buyers and property owners in China.”

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