Pronar shredder makes debut

Pronar lincom shredder

The Pronar MRW 2.1010 mobile slow-speed shredder has arrived in Australia. It has a versatile design capable of reducing materials of varying bulk and composition by up to 75 per cent. 

The unit is equipped with specially adapted shredding programs for complex and stubborn materials that can be tailored to suit different types of inputs.

It also has a 55-inch wide outfeed belt with adjustable discharge height that can reach up to 198 inches. Then there is the tilting hopper that is designed to facilitate the direct feeding of extra-long materials that can sometimes be found in such operations. 

The shredding shafts are also optimised for aggressive in-feed and have four adjustable shredding settings.

The Volvo Penta diesel engine drives the shredding system, which can handle bulky materials. The engine features a noise protection system and a clean fix system for cooling the engine and hydraulic oil.

The shredding shafts measure 96 inches by 33 inches and are constructed from wear-resistant steel for durability and longevity. 

The shred size of the materials depends on the input, but it typically ranges from six inches to more than 24 inches. It also has several features to improve performance, such as belt speed regulation, signal lights, and a central lubrication system.

In addition to its existing features, a range of accessories can be added to further improve the performance and efficiency of the unit. 

These include the cross-belt magnet to remove metals; the breaker bar to ensure materials are cut to the right size; the hydraulic oil heater for cold-working conditions; and the track shoes to prevent the tracks from leaving marks. 

The shredder is also designed for easy service. Machine draining points are located on the outside for easy access. 

There is enough space inside the shredder to carry out all necessary repairs in comfortable and safe conditions.

The MRW 2.1010 is suitable choice for those looking to improve their recycling processes, as it is highly efficient and has the power to reduce material size quickly. 

Its versatility allows it to be used with various materials and applications, making it a great addition to any business.

Pronar equipment has sales, service, and spare parts support from Lincom Group.

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