Product Stewardship Regulation in Australia webinar

A product stewardship regulation webinar will explore what product stewardship regulation looks like in Australia, including how it is established at a national and state or territory level, and what the pros and cons are of going down a regulated pathway.

To help understand how product stewardship regulations work in Australia, the webinar will include talks from:

  • Tabor Ackman – Director, Product Stewardship Schemes and Regulation, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment
  • Alex Young – Director, Container Deposit Scheme, NSW Environment Protection Authority

Both Acman and Alex are experienced regulators involved in developing and managing regulated product stewardship schemes.

Attendees will hear about the current national and state regulated product stewardship schemes, why and how government regulated these schemes, as well as how these regulatory tools influence industry participation and investment; clarify producer, retailer, and local government responsibilities; and deliver impactful environmental and social benefits.

The event will then be open to a Q&A session with representatives from producers and associations impacted by these regulations joining us to share their experiences.

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