Plastics ban comes into effect on Wednesday

From Wednesday 1 February, single-use plastic drinking straws, cutlery, plates, drink stirrers, cotton bud sticks and expanded polystyrene food and drink containers will be banned from sale and supply in Victoria.

Single-use plastics currently make up a third of Victoria’s litter, pollute our precious waterways and harm wildlife. These items are often only used for a few minutes, yet generate a significant amount of waste – and can be easily avoided or replaced with reusable alternatives that save plastic, and save families money in the long run.

Last year, the Government invested $1 million towards new technology that will turn hard-to-recycle materials like cartons and coffee cups into sustainable building products.

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As part of this transformation, Victoria will move to a standardised four-stream bin system – supporting households to easily sort their waste and recycling to reduce landfill – and have access to a container deposit scheme which will maximise the return of used drink cans, bottles and cartons for recycling.

Since the ban was announced in February 2021, the Government has delivered $595,000 in grants to 15 pilot sites including catering businesses, universities and aged care facilities to help replace their single-use items with reusable alternatives.

The Reuse Pilots Fund alone, will prevent more than 5 million single-use plastic items ending up in landfills or as litter in our environment each year.

For more information, resources and translated materials to assist businesses and organisations to understand the ban, visit

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