Planning shake-up for Qld

Premier Anna Bligh said the Queensland Infrastructure Plan would be a long-term planning document for the entire state similar to the South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan and Program.The first QIP will be delivered next year and key features will include:A clear state-wide blueprint of road, public transport, health and education infrastructure to match forecast population growth,A clear state-wide pipeline of targets with the credibility to attract federal funding,A robust prioritisation, sequencing and maturity assessment of projects across all of Queensland’s regional planning frameworks, andA plan that incorporates significant economic development activities, such as the new LNG industry, and associated infrastructure needs.“For the first time we will have a state-wide plan that will anticipate infrastructure needs in growing regions as we deliver on regionalisation to help take the pressure off the southeast corner,” Bligh said. “The new Queensland Infrastructure Plan will integrate the existing Queensland Roads Investment Program and SEQ Infrastructure Plan and Program as well as other state infrastructure planning documents.”Consultation with SEQ councils about existing dwelling targets in their regions would be a major new direction of the QIP.“At the Growth Management Summit, some councils said the new dwelling targets for the local areas did not match up to their expectations,” Bligh said.“We have listened and will give councils the chance to sit down with government and confirm the forecast dwelling numbers for our region, within the existing urban footprint.”The Queensland government is investing in what it calls “the largest infrastructure program in history”, with a forecast expenditure of $18.2 billion in 2009-10.

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