Pilbara gets $300M injection

Regional Development Minister Brendon Grylls said on Monday $120 million would be immediately invested into kick-starting the Pilbara revitalisation plan.A further $60 million will be allocated annually for the following three years, he said.“The funding will replace ageing infrastructure and includes the undergrounding of power lines in coastal towns, protecting electricity supply during the cyclone season.” Grylls added the WA government would be requesting the federal government matches its $300 million investment to boost the total package.In addition, Grylls said the government was investigating the Pilbara’s future infrastructure, energy and water needs.“We are funding a feasibility study to explore the potential to harvest water from mining dewatering operations to open up secondary economies in the Pilbara hinterland for irrigated agriculture, including fodder crops and tree farming.”The funding enables work to begin on previously identified projects in the region’s community development schemes, such as Karratha 2020 Vision, Newman Tomorrow, Hedland’s Future Today, the Shirt of Ashburton Strategic Plan, and the Pilbara Area Consultative Committee Pilbara plan.“Cyclone-proofing power supplies in Pilbara communities is an important centrepiece of the plan,” Grylls said.

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