Onboard system now for excavators

“This is about extending the same productivity tools and increased profitability we currently provide wheel loader operators to those operations that use excavators for load out,” Actronic product manager Lars Madsen said. “We have expanded the benefits of onboard weighing well beyond the quarry and into applications such as construction and mining where excavators are more commonly used.”The X-Weigh 2350 system uses multiple sensors to track the complex movements of the machine. The angle and position of the boom and stick, as well as changes to the hydraulic pressure, are monitored by sensors mounted on the pivot points of the arm. The system also incorporates two tilt sensors so weight calculations remain accurate even on sloping or uneven ground.Position and pressure readings from the sensors are transferred to an onboard software package and converted to a weight reading for the operator. The graphic interface provides the weight of each bucket and as sequential readings are added up in the system, an alarm alerts the operator that he has reached the truck’s legal limit. The software also stores daily information for analysis of overall productivity and material movement. “Not only does the X-Weigh 2350 system provide valuable information to manage the profitability of your excavators, it also has the added benefit of allowing owners and operators to have a more meaningful picture of the maintenance cycle of the equipment – one that is based on actual work done not just hours,” Madsen said. “This contributes to money saved as well.”An optional printer can be installed in the cab to produce hard copies of load documents and summary reports. Advanced users who want to track the productivity of their excavator can transfer data to Loadrite’s Material Management System software. The data can also be transferred directly by wireless link to the field office or scale house.

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