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NSW EPA announces procurement grants for councils

The NSW Environment Protection Authority Joint Procurement Funded Support enables NSW groups of councils to apply for procurement grants of up to $500,000 of tailored advice and assistance to jointly procure waste management services.

The objectives of the Joint Procurement Funded Support are to:

  • support councils to access the best advice and help to be confident in their procurement decisions;
  • facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing and partnerships to help councils strategically plan for waste infrastructure and services;
  • support groups of councils to procure cost effective waste management services; and
  • promote alignment between councils to procure waste services that meet their needs.

The grants provide tailored advice and help to groups of councils to explore and undertake joint procurement of domestic waste management services.

Program snapshot of procurement grants

Amounts: Applicants will be able to access up to $500,000 per project through 2 funding streams to support both the planning and sourcing phases of waste management service procurement.

  • Stream 1:  Plan – grants up to $250,000
  • Stream 2: Source – grants up to $500,000

Example: A group of councils are awarded $100,000 in Stream 1. The group may then apply for up to $400,000 in Stream 2 for a combined total of up to $500,000.

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Eligible organisationsNSW Local councils, regional groups of councils and Joint Organisations of Councils
Status: Grants are ongoing (there are no rounds) until 2027 or until funding is exhausted.
Grant manager and approver: NSW Environment Protection Authority

This is a new program, and it will be monitored and evaluated to inform future program design. The EPA encourages applicants to get in touch with the joint procurement team to discuss their project in advance of applying.

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