Northern Busway workers upskill for the future

Additionally, the alliance says the training commitment will ensure its workforce has the competencies to construct complex vital infrastructure now and in the future.The $198 million Northern Busway is expected to provide 1.2km of mostly elevated busway linking Bowen Bridge Road and the Inner Northern Busway in Brisbane.The Northern Busway alliance comprises Abigroup, Queensland Transport’s Main Roads division, and Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (SMEC).There are 60 permanently employed construction workers on the project, with 70% training for their Certificate III in Civil Construction, Abigroup said.According to Abigroup, the project’s permanent workforce is drawn from a variety of areas including the long-term unemployed, untrained young workers and mature workers who have changed direction later in their working life.Abigroup said one of its mature workers, Doug Gardiner, had worked in many fields including sheep shearing, gold mining and several construction positions in rural areas.According to the company, shortly after being employed by Abigroup, Gardiner volunteered for bridge building training and is currently halfway through his traineeship.“The best part of the traineeship is having my past experience recognised through a formal trade,” Gardiner said.“It really improves my future prospects – with better job security and chance to earn more money over time.”Northern Busway alliance manager Glen Mosch said it was vital to build and maintain a skilled workforce with much future construction planned for Brisbane.“The time we put into training these guys now will really pay off over the years to come,” Mosch said.

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