NEWEST & BRIGHTEST: Tracked Trax has more traction

On the Trax model, the standard S-65’s four wheels have been replaced by a four-point track system, which Genie says transforms it into a go-anywhere machine that handles soft and rough ground with aplomb.An aftermarket four-point track system, the Loegering QTS, has been available here as an option on the wheeled S-65 since last year. The aftermarket tracks bolt on in place of the wheels, giving owners the choice of swapping from one system to the other.The trade off with that increased versatility is extra width: with the QTS tracks fitted the S-65 is 2.71m wide. That’s not a major problem in our wide brown land, but in Europe it was a big deal, so Genie’s engineers set about redesigning the S-65 with the QTS system fitted permanently to shorter axles.The result is the S-65 Trax, which with a width of 2.59m is inside normal European road transport limits.Genie says it will continue to approve the Loegering system as an aftermarket option on the wheeled S-65, but it expects most customers wanting a tracked machine will choose the Trax.With a turning circle of 6.4m the Trax is a pretty nimble unit, and Genie says because it steers like the wheeled version it is easy to load on a trailer or get up close to a wall.Track width is 0.43m, and each track has 23 degrees of up and down movement to maintain maximum contact on uneven ground.Lift capacity is 227kg at 21.64m height and 17.13m outreach.

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