NEWEST & BRIGHTEST: Dash 9s don’t disappoint

Hyundai marketing manager Robert Pearson said the new models represent a major investment for the Korean company.“We’re very excited that Hyundai have chosen to release these models in Australia before anyone else,” he said. “I think this proves the positive sentiment in the industry here and the respect Hyundai has for Australian contractors.”As is to be expected with a major release, Hyundai has included a host of new engine, hydraulic, and electronic technologies in the 21-tonne R210LC-9 and the 29t R290LC-9.It is taken for granted these days that engine designers will find a way to provide more power using less fuel, and the new Tier 3 Cummins diesels don’t disappoint. Modern electronic control systems allow the engines to be more fuel efficient than their predecessors without sacrificing power or torque.Hyundai’s Hi-mate GPS remote management system is part of the Dash 9 package. Hi-mate allows owners to check their machine’s location and vital functions via an internet connection to Hyundai’s user interface. Access to the Hi-mate system will be free for the first two years of ownership. While owners will like Hi-mate, operators will appreciate a redesigned air-conditioning and heating system that delivers a healthy 5700kcal/hr of cooling power. Hyundai says clever use of sound-deadening material in the cabin and engine compartment has reduced cabin noise substantially, so operators will be able to fully appreciate the standard radio-CD player that includes an input for mp3 players.There’s also a fully-adjustable seat rated to a whopping 200kg, with standard air suspension coming soon.Hyundai has two other Dash 9 models waiting in the wings – the R140LC-9 and the R250LC-9. Both are expected to be released here sometime this year.

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