NEWEST & BRIGHTEST: Case joins the hybrid race

The CX210B hybrid was displayed at the Intermat expo in Paris, France, which concluded on Saturday.The CX210B hybrid’s slewing motor also acts as a generator when decelerating to store electricity in super capacitors ready for immediate reuse. Compared to battery packs, the super capacitors offer immediate access to stored electrical power, Case said.The excavator’s engine can be used at lower revs, resulting in a claimed 20% fuel saving. Case reckons, in addition to being much quieter, the hybrid machine has the potential to use up to 20% less fuel than a conventional CX210B used in the same application.Volvo displayed its 220F hybrid wheel loader, which was unveiled at ConExpo last year. Volvo Construction Equipment president Olof Persson said field testing of the 220F would begin this year but a launch date had yet to be set. He said Volvo was also researching ways to make hydraulic systems work better with machines.Caterpillar unveiled a demolition version of its 328D LCR excavator with a beefed-up front end to help it cope with urban demolition jobs. Hitachi also launched a new demolition-specific excavator, the ZX470LCH-3, which features a specially designed 27m high-reach boom.Crusher bucket specialist MB showed an updated version of its second-largest bucket. The BF90.3 is for use on excavators weighing more than 20t and capacity has been increased by up to 30% thanks to a larger jaw size.

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