NEWEST AND BRIGHTEST: Volvo extends F series

The new models, the L45F and L50F, will be released to some European markets next month and rolled out internationally from next year.Volvo dealer CJD Equipment says we can expect the L50F to reach Australian shores around July next year, with the L45F sometime later.Currently, Volvo has 10 loaders in its F Series, from the 11t L60F up to the 50t L350F. The L45F and L50F, which weigh around 8.5t and 10t respectively, are both powered by a Tier 3-compliant Volvo D5 4.8-litre turbo-diesel. The L50F also has an air-to-air intercooler. Both machines have full hydrostatic transmissions. Both also get Volvo’s patented Torque Parallel linkage design, which the manufacturer says helps retention of loose bucket material and is also handy when using the machines to lift pallets.A redesign of the hydraulics means the loaders have separate pumps to handle power steering and load sensing, so that steering control is not compromised when carrying a load.100% differential locks on both axles will be handy on loose or muddy ground, while an oscillating rear axle will help to keep the machines stable.

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