Newest and Brightest: More blow, same flow

Atlas Copco, one of several manufacturers competing for a slice of the growing market for small hammers, introduced its solid-body SB line three years ago.Machining the SB breakers from a single block of metal eliminates side and head bolts, and this, Atlas Copco says, means more resistance to bending forces and rough treatment. It also means fewer parts and less maintenance.The SB range has sold well but Atlas Copco hasn’t been resting on its laurels. It has redesigned the machines to give a higher impact frequency using the same operating hydraulic pressure – an important benefit when working with small excavators.The latest model to get the high-blow treatment is the SB300, a 300kg breaker for 4.5 to 9-tonne excavators. Its replacement, the SB302, was released last month and Atlas Copco reports sales are already brisk.While the SB300 delivered a healthy 480-960 blows per minute at an oil flow of 50-83 litres per minute and a working pressure of 100-150 bar, the SB302 ups the impact ante to 600-1380 blows per minute for the same flow and pressure. The result is a machine that Atlas Copco says offers the highest breaking power in its class.The company also says the SB302 generates less noise and vibrations than the old model, while a new slimmer casing helps positioning in tight spots.Next month, Atlas Copco plans to release the 420kg SB452, which will complete its range of second-generation solid body models that starts with the 55kg SB52 and goes up to the 520kg SB552.

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